Frequently Asked Questions

We are frequently asked questions about our wedding videography services. Couples often ask about how we film on the day, how long our films will be, when they'll receive the films, how the film will be delivered. So here are some of the most commonly asked questions, to make sure that you know we've thought of everything when it comes to wedding videography on your wedding day.


Do you charge for travel?

As wedding videographers based in Bristol, our prices usually include travel on the day within the South West. If you're getting married further away, just let us know and we can discuss this in more detail. We love travelling to new venues across the country, and have filmed in some wonderful locations over the last few years. We're honoured when couples love our films and ask us to capture their special day, so any additional cost is kept to a minimum but to reflect the additional time we spend to make sure that your day is captured in the best possible way.


When do you start filming on the wedding day?

The time that we start mainly depends on when you'd like us to start filming. We don't limit the number of hours that we film for, so if your ceremony is at 11am, we'd start filming earlier than if your ceremony is at 4.30pm. Usually we start at around 10am, but we're happy to discuss this with every couple - we want to make sure that our coverage fits your day.


Do you have insurance?

Yes. We purchase a public liability insurance (which is usually set at £5m) to cover us and our equipment as well as your guests in case of damage. If your venue asks that this limit be increased or you'd like a copy of our insurance, then please let us know, and we'd be happy to forward them a copy of our insurance documents.


How long will our wedding video be?

The whole video is separated into sections, so the length of video from the day can vary. We usually include the Full Ceremony, the Full Speeches, The First Dance, a Teaser Film and finally a Cinematic Wedding film, so the total amount of video will vary depending on how long your wedding ceremony and speeches are. Our creative, Cinematic Wedding Films are typically between 5 and 6 minutes and tell the story of your day in a creative way that can be shared with friends and family on social media. Please let us know if you'd prefer your films to remain private and this can be arranged simply and easily.


How do you usually film a wedding?

On the wedding day itself, our approach is simple - we want you and your guests to enjoy the day in the most natural way, and feel relaxed having us around. The best and most frequent compliment that couples can pay us is "we barely noticed you were there"! We put in a lot of effort in to capturing both the video and sound in the best possible way, while allowing you and your guests to enjoy the day uninterrupted and almost unaware of our presence.

So a wedding day normally starts off filming the morning preparations - we're happy to film for you both, so just chat to use about what you'd like filmed and we can talk about options for filming your wedding day. We love to film all the laughter and perhaps a few emotional tears; there's always one or two on a day of such epic importance! We love to film all the details; the dress, shoes, flowers, buttonholes (we can help attach those to make sure they stay on throughout the day!).

Then it's straight over to the ceremony venue to set up the cameras for your wedding ceremony - whether that's in a gorgeous barn, outside under an oak tree or in a glorious, ornate church, we've filmed them all! It's so important to set up the cameras, but even more important that we can set up the sound to be recorded clearly. There are many videographers who do not see the importance of the sound or they simply record "snippets" of the wedding ceremony, but we love to make sure that your day is captured and can be enjoyed for years to come and can be enjoyed in full - the readings, the hymns, the vows and even the laughter - it's all part of the wedding day.

Then it's over to your reception - a chance to see all the guests you've invited to the day; the drinks, canapes, the warmth and love that all of your guests are there to show to you as a newly married couple. This is where we love to allow you both to relax for a while before going off to have some gorgeous photographs and video in the grounds of the venue. It's just the two of you, taking a few minutes break from all the emotion and chatter. For us, the reception is a chance to capture the atmosphere on the day as well as film the speeches and your first dance together as a married couple - one of the highlights of the day for us as it's such a beautiful moment in the wedding day.

If you still have questions, then get in touch... 07754962439